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We're At War With Leftist Body Snatchers/FLOWER Children Of The Damned
That's not quiet accurate. They are at war with us, and we refuse to fight back. And, now the Jihad is wiping Americans out by the thousands, and our response? What's a Jihad? Islam is better than Christianity. All religions suck!

This is from an article about Hysterical Feminism.* Hysterical Feminists are, Hippies, Suicidal Pacifists, Vegans, NvireMENTALists, Militant Homosexuals, Atheists, Food Phobics, PETA Types, of both sexes, etc.  
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Our (Western) Civilization is on the rocks. The reason is simple.  Boomer Flower Children, grew up physically, with an abject hatred of God, Dad and America. The pathology these zombies exhibit, rival the most terrifying horror movies ever made. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, come to mind.

Divorce courts are Satanic Abbatoirs. 
In my vast experience, since divorcing my wife, I've yet to meet ANYBODY who works for the government in any capacity, WHO ISN'T OF THE FLOWER CHILD MIND SET. ANYBODY!

*A Culture Dissolving In A Bog Of (Neo Marxist 4ap) Feminist Hysteria

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
14 days before Father's Day, 2001

Here are some steps that must be taken if the culture is to survive:
  1. Ignore the Feminist(Hippie Activist, Militant Anybody, especially an ATHEIST,) and her(Yin) organizational fronts. Boycott newspapers and televised media that feed their need for attention and seemingly endorse their positions. Write a letter to the editor.
  2. Avoid and discourage women that seek power through sexualization. If they are openly sexually provocative, it is a potential trap. If she "turns you on", you might take this as a warning. Don't put yourself in a position to have to chew your leg off to escape.
  3. When approached by someone whose interpersonal style is an emotional rollercoaster ride, either walk away or challenge them to express themself in a more rational way without becoming obstreperous; "tell me what you think, not what you feel."
  4. When you find yourself engaged in a conversation with someone who globalizes their points, pin them down and insist that they provide specifics and details.
  5. Support performers and celebrities whose politics are known to be conservative and sensible. Boycott those who are not. Boycott 95% of all sitcoms - they are assuming a level of stupidity and licentiousness about you that you should find insulting. Take up reading.
  6. Turn mountains into molehills when appropriate. The sky is not falling.
  7. When an "authority" is cited, ascertain its validity. There is an epidemic of junk science out there.
  8. If someone comes to you with relationship problems, recommend a pastor. Otherwise bow out unless you are a licensed therapist. All relationships have problems to lesser and greater degrees, and you are not in a position to resolve them.
  9. If someone is inconsiderate and at the same time demanding, they need to have themselves as companions. Friendship and more intimate relationships are most successful when there is quid pro quo. Become a relationship capitalist - don't buy at retail and sell at wholesale, especially when the medium of exchange is love and affection.
  10. Tantrums are what children have if their parents are too permissive. If you wish to establish a relationship, do it with another adult. You can't be lover and parent too.
  11. When you hear the phrase "for the children", what ever follows is a lie.
  12. And if you should become a (married) parent, don't intellectualize or chum-up the relationship. Raising kids is easy - just pretend they're someone else's. They need love, limit-setting, a moral code, and at least for the first three years, a full time parent at home - preferably a mother who helps them to develop relational skills.
  13. If you think 13 is an unlucky number, you are thinking hysterically - go walk under a ladder and free your mind.
  14. Call your dad and say something nice to him.
Above all, realize that this is war. Think like a soldier. Protect your flank; avoid potential ambushes; arm yourself with facts, logic and moral reasoning; and assault the enemy position - because you can't win by only defending yours. Once the war is over, and Feminist/Flower Children are remembered like Pearl Harbor - perhaps diplomatic relations can be re-established with the survivors.   With contributions from Douglas Heckman, MA, MFCCChain Gun            Osama bin Laden    Hippie    



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