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 Since Aug. 24, 1991, I have been tortured by Neo Marxist Feminists and their COVEN in GOVERNMENT. I JUST FOUND MY 27 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, HOLLY, on Classmates.
                                                                                                 Holly-1.jpg picture by dishmael_bucket

Holly will be 27 on May 29,10.

Dave, people say...Once she knows the TRUTH, she will come back to you and forgive you. This picture is from Classmates. I attempted to see her profile today, to wish her a happy birthday. Holly's profile is no longer in existance.

Holly's mother, Jean Mcintosh Cassady is a 56 year old woman, with the emotions of a 5 year old. Jean had been molested by her paternal Poppy, while her evil parents Bud and Helen, were off getting their degrees, to become Holy Educators.

I'm guessing Bud was molested by Poppy, but it didn't seem to bother him too badly. Scots Bud, to save a little bit of money, allowed his THREE children, Jim, Judith and Jean, to be devoured by the Devil. Education, is the most important thing in the world (STILL)!

Not long before Jean threatened to KILL me with my own rifle, she told my younger brother's wife, Trish...I HATE KENNETH, HE REMINDS ME OF DAVID.

I've not been able to find 22 year old Ken, besides at his mother and NEW DADDY'S home, in Grapevine, Texas. Obviously, Ken and Holly had my last name for a while, but Mum and Greg, changed Holly's to Holly Lyn Cassady, and Kenneth Gregory Cassady.

So, Jean has DONE something to Ken, because he LOVED me and he was LIKE me.

My children's and my experience in GayfemarxorganicameriKa, is a specimen on a slide on a microscope...THE DISEASE THAT HAS KILLED THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF EARTH!


Boomers, on BOTH sides of the political aisle, ARE INCAPABLE OF FORGIVING DAD, GOD, THE USA.

Khruschev said,  circa, 1961...We will bury your grandchildren. WOW!

A Culture Dissolving In A Bog Of Feminist Hysteria

Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D.
14 days before Father's Day, 2001

According to psychology literature, the hysterical (histrionic) personality is diagnostically grouped in what is known as "Cluster B" where it shares billing with a rather sinister group of antisocial, borderline,and narcissistic personality disorders(1.).

An intriguing analogue to the feminist hysteric is the homosexual activist. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), within the hysterical context, has also said that "in both sexes overt behavior is often a caricature of femininity."

"I must not see, I must not hear, I must not feel" the anxiety of reality testing. As with most personality disorders, the diagnostic hallmarks of the histrionic are the evolved childish protections against the knock, knock (or Tick, Tock) of anxiety and maturation. They are the protection against the universal impulse for union and procreation. The monster under the bed has been displaced by anything which smacks of the "masculine". The anxiety of becoming a responsible parent has been displaced by the eraser of abortion - the power to kill responsibility. The need for security has been replaced with the demand for government entitlement (another person's money) without having to struggle with human reciprocity. I am woman, just hear me roar!

The ridiculousness of the Feminist poseur would be laughable if the culture were not allowing itself to be intimidated into submission. If there is anything the Feminist cannot tolerate, it is humor (except male bashing) or truth, especially if it challenges their incantations.


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