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Unedited Satanic Lunacy...2 Typical Leftists, Respond To Me..
These came to me this morning. BKBBK and tedbohne, read some of my stuff on an AlterNet blog and responded this way. I had zero interactions with either of them the previous day...

bkbbk5 wrote, in response to 4merly_a_person:

1., and christopher columbus murdered American natives in the name of his GOD! and so does our government! Christianity and islam/muslim/catholic etc. all USE religion to control women< some even believe women are a birth defect, somethin went wrong in the womb? of a woman? so does that mean men and ONLY men are the pure?? and women shouldn't exist?So they all came from a woman ( a birth defect so what does that make them???) Shove your religious rhetoric lies up ur ass! Evolve as if PEOPLE mattered!

2, what if Obama is jesus???

3,  so what are all of the mercenaries and private contractors building over there for??? To beat China to the?????? OIL whom they've( our public servants) repd for how long?

4, WOW! America is NOT an empire?? No wonder our country is FUCKED! Pollution is natural and  healthy too right? Go buy some gas or shop ur ONLY freedom today in the corporate fascist dictatorship! EVOLVE!

5, better go double up on ur meds! PIG!

6,  maybe WE shouldn't be over there! Maybe OUR freedoms are being destroyed because we have  NO one looking out for the Tax payers! They ALL work for the oil criminals, banksters !  YOU and YOURS do NOT own the world!

7, satanic leftist??? WOW u really are part of the problem whats wrong  can't  EVOLVE?                

9, votestrike.ning

10, (new guy)  tedbohne wrote, in response to 4merly_a_person:
      One can only wonder how people can remain stupid.  It's as if they need to be        

      stupid. They revel in stupidity.  and more often than not, they're Americans.

11, I have NO muslims here ONLY Mexicans here with their Tax ID numbers!

12, Actually no.  I didn't like this.  Like most American smears, thisone is against a religion that is no worse than the "religious terrorists" in the US.  It's just  that most americans are hopelessly lost in a swill of stupidity from which they will  never survive ultimately, much less recover.  Just no soon enough.


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