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Hippie Flower Children, Evil Be Thy Name, Thy Hades Come Thy Will...


Don’t you have some rotten, termite infested Old Growth Trees to rescue?

You guys take this stuff kinda hard, no? LOFL!

No 4merly_a_ape much like some of the real old growth forest some trees, like some people, can not be saved or in fact should be saved. While I am not a tree hugger I do realize that they make the air that we breath and that without them man could not survive.

Listen 4merly_a_human try not to step in any dinosaur dung while you go about your day it really can mess your cowboy boots. And try not to think to hard cause ya know how that hurts. Did you get your Sarah pinup poster yet? You betcha I got mine.

gimmie shelter
2010-02-22 07:01:12


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